How to draw Solar system with a pencil step by step

How to draw Solar system with a pencil step by step

Look, what our big star — the Sun in comparison with planets, in particular with ours. Each planet of solar system turns round the sun, the rotation period at everyone the. We are at such distance from the sun that we do not freeze and we do not burn down, this ideal distance for development of life. If we were slightly closer or slightly farther, we now would not be, we would not enjoy every minute past life and did not sit near computers and did not learn to draw.

How to draw Solar system

So, on the left side of paper we draw the small sun, a little bit above the planet which very close is about it — Mercury. Usually show an orbit on which the planet moves, we too will make it. The second planet — is Venus.

How to draw Solar system

Now our turn came, mother Earth is the third, it is more a little all previous. Mars less Earth also is further.

How to draw Solar system with a pencil step by step

Very long distance occupies the Belt of asteroids where there is a set, it is a lot of asteroids (a celestial body of solar system which has no atmosphere) the wrong form. The belt of Asteroids is between orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Floodlight — the major planet in our solar system.

How to draw Solar system step by step

The sixth planet which is from the sun is Saturn, it slightly less Jupiter.

How to draw Solar system with a pencil

Then there are planets Uranium and the Neptune.

How to draw Solar system

At the moment it is considered that in solar system of 8 planets. There was also the ninth under the name Pluto, however rather recently found similar objects, such as Erida, Makemaki and Haumea which all united in one name — plutoida earlier. It happened in 2008. These planets are dwarfish.

How to draw planets of Solar system

Their axis of orbits has more, than at the Neptune, here examples of orbits at Pluto and Erida in comparison with other orbits.

How to draw Solar system

However our Earth in all Universe not the only planet on which there is a life, is also other planets which are very far in the Universe and perhaps we never learn about them.

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