How to draw a dog with a pencil for beginners

How to draw a dog with a pencil for beginners

Error of beginners is not paying of due consideration to the sketch, remember, at first spend time for drawing of the qualitative sketch, only then start specification in the form of shadows or wool.

Draw a square, halve it (do not press on a pencil, lines have to be hardly visible) after that draw a circle (head), then second (muzzle) and schematically ears.

Simple lines when drawing a muzzle of a dog

Then draw eyes, a nose and part of a body.

simple lines when drawing a muzzle of a dog

Draw parallel lines, then take a pencil of NV and trace the correct shape of ears, eyes and a nose.

Bases of drawing of a muzzle of a dog

Check your proportions relatively squares, whether are correctly located each element. After you were convinced that all correctly or corrected inaccuracies, we pass to a portrayal. But, before it you need to podsteret an eraser the main lines that they were not so allocated (were light).

Put with a pencil of NV strokes on a head contour. We draw wool separate lines, which different in the size, in the direction and on intensity of tone. Attentively look, in what direction each filament is drawn, it is very important, on how many it betrays illusion of a wooliness.

Wool portrayal

Draw lines of different length and intensity on the head.

Wool portrayal

Now apply lines on ears and round a muzzle.

Wool portrayal

Now add lines on a muzzle at a doggie and on a body.

Wool portrayal

Structure of an eye of a dog

Let's remember structure of an eye.

1 — a patch of light,

2 — a pupil,

3 — an eye iris of the eye,

4 — a white of the eye,

5 — an eyelid.


Eraser clarify lines of eyes, then anew trace eyes.

How to draw eyes of a dog

Draw a nose.

We draw a nose

Here such drawing has to turn out at this stage, the main light strokes of wool everything are put.

How to draw a puppy with a pencil step by step

Shade eyes with NV pencil.

How to draw eyes of a dog

Add dark shades to the top part of irises of the eye and round outer edges of eyelids a pencil 2B and shade these parts a Q-tip (it is possible paper).

We draw eyes

Darken pupils a pencil 6B.

How to draw eyes of a dog with a pencil

Shade outer edges of eyelids towards edge of an eye. Klyachkoy clarify a small site on the right below under a pupil.

How to draw eyes of a dog with a pencil step by step

Curls shade with NV pencil by means of shading a nose. Pay attention, where sites light, where the dark.

How to draw a nose of a dog

Add points and small ringlets to light sites under nostrils and on the main part of a nose. A pencil 2B add dark shades. A pencil 4B darken nostrils.

We draw a nose of a dog

Now shade light sites on a nose a little and add patches of light. Then we will start wool drawing. With a pencil of NV it is put new lines of average tones on the left part of the face and over eyes, a pencil 2B we do more dark wool shades on the right side of the person, in a mouth and about a nose.

How to draw hair of a dog

We trace wool on a face, on ears and under ears. We do not forget about a light source. Draw the lightest shades a pencil 2H, dark — pencils 2B and 4B. Be attentive not to make wool too dark because at a puppy it white. Remember that outer edges of wool rough are also drawn with strokes of different length and thickness to give realness.

How to draw a dog with a pencil step by step

Darken the lower part of a muzzle of a puppy, a neck and shoulders. Pay attention to a site zateneniye under a chin (a shadow under the head). Shading is more dark in the lower right part. Since tops of ears, compare your drawing to this image. To darken a site – add strokes, for clarification use an eraser-klyachku.

How to draw a dog with a pencil for beginners

Sign the drawing, date and smile.
Author: Brenda Hoddinott