How to draw Snupi

How to draw Snupi

This image is taken from a teaser or a trailer of it mf.

How to draw Snupi

Let's begin with the head, draw an oval, then at the left we add frontal part and a hat, then a neck. We erase part of an oval which is not required to us any more and we draw in the right part of the head a nose, and in the left — eyes in the form of the turned commas, and still a big mouth and eyebrows.

How to draw Snupi

Further we visually determine body height at Snupi and we draw a box roof, then already a back and forward part.

How to draw Snupi step by step

Now draw an outstretched arm and a foot.

How to draw a dog of Snupi

Slightly above the drawn hand draw one more, only it hardly looks out, also we do and with a foot. Then we draw the tail, a scarf which is wrapped up on a neck and part it develops, points of the pilot on a cap from above.

How to draw Malyshnya big-bellied

We draw the second edge of a scarf, we detail points, also draw spots on a back at Snupi and part of its lodge.

How to draw Snupi

We erase lines where they are not necessary also drawing of a dog of Snupi from mf "Malyshnya big-bellied: Snupi and Charlie Brown at cinema" is ready.

How to draw Snupi

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