How to draw a snowflake with a pencil step by step

How to draw a snowflake with a pencil step by step

How to draw a snowflake with a pencil step by step

Let's begin. Draw a vertical straight line and two diagonal, crossing in one point on the middle. Now at the edges of each stick we draw a tick or an English letter V. This simplest and widespread image of a snowflake. At me it is drawn as ear rings at the Snow Maiden.

As it is simple to draw a snowflake

But we will embellish it, and still we will draw the same ticks, only the small about the basis.

As it is easy to draw a snowflake

Let's draw other option of a snowflake. Let's begin with a basis, we drew it, then draw a small circle in the middle and at the edges not strongly big ticks.

How to draw a snowflake

It is possible to erase the middle, it is possible to leave as is and still to draw masyusenky sticks on the middle of each section on external area of a circle, and also V are slightly higher drawn less.

How to draw a snowflake a pencil step by step

Now we draw the most beautiful snowflake from all. A basis, we paint over a circle inside and still we draw a small circle, as on the picture below.

We learn to draw a snowflake

We draw big V about the basis on each of rays, then slightly higher it is less and still slightly higher less these ticks. Already very beautiful snowflake turned out.

How to draw a beautiful snowflake

Further on averages of V, on each of sticks draw still the same only very small. It still snowflake option. Then on the biggest again the same pattern, will turn out similar to two VV or W.

How to draw snowflakes

On the middle as in drawing draw straight lines on the middle.

How to draw a snowflake step by step

Watch still Father Frost's drawing, the Snowman, sledge, the New Year tree.