How to draw Smurfs

How to draw Smurfs

How to draw Smurfs

1. Let's begin drawing with the smurf, for this purpose draw a circle, divide it the directing curves, then draw a nose, then a contour of eyes and pupils, then a mouth.

We draw the smurf

2. We draw a face contour, an ear and eyebrows.

we draw the smurf

3. We draw a cap on the head of the smurf, then a body and hands.

How to draw the smurf step by step

4. Dorisovyvayem a brush, we draw a tail, then we draw a line on a waist from trousers, we draw feet.

how to draw Smurfs with a pencil step by step

5. We erase excess lines, we compare your drawing to it, it is possible to take a blue pencil and to paint a body of the Smurf.

How to draw the smurf

6. Will draw the girl Smurfetta now. We draw a circle and the directing curves, then we draw a nose, lines of eyelids, eyelashes, then a mouth and a nostril.

We draw a smurfetta

7. We draw Smurfetta's face, then hair.

We learn to draw Smurfs

8. We draw a hat and eyebrows.

How to draw a smurfetta with a pencil step by step

9. At first we draw the line of a dress on the right, then a hand, then other lines and part of the second hand, after that a floret.

How to draw Smurfs step by step

10. We draw a brush, feet and hair.

How to draw Smurfs with a pencil

11. We look at the end result, we take yellow and blue pencils and we paint Smurfetta.

How to draw Smurfetta